Congratulations! Planning a wedding is one of the most incredible times of your life, and finding a celebrant with the right magic is an important step.

Offering a fresh approach to celebrating your special day, I am passionate about capturing the essence of your unique love story and crafting it into a creative, personal ceremony.

I’ll bring your dream to life wherever you plan to say your vows, whether it’s underneath a waterfall, sailing on the high seas, or a barefoot ceremony in the sand. And if you’d like me to wear cultural clothing or join in any wedding themes, just ask! An absolute professional and confident public speaker (a skill honed from many years in the education sector), I am a passionate advocate of the local Taranaki community, and am inspired by the natural wonder of our area to create stunning wedding celebrations.

Getting married in New Zealand is very simple compared to some other countries. The main requirements are:

  • If you have been married before, you need to produce a death certificate or dissolution of marriage from your spouse.
  • Persons aged 16 or 17 must obtain parental consent before they can marry.
  • You cannot marry a close relative.
  • The marriage must be performed in the presence of a marriage celebrant or registrar.
  • There must be at least two witnesses.
  • You must say in your ceremony words to the effect of “I, full name take you…full name to be my wife/husband” (this is covered in either your vows or ring vows).

You can find more information on this in the website www. or by telephone 0800 22 52 52